Sunday, March 04, 2007

Back in town

I'm back from the Asian adventures.
To do list:
- Write a short paper for New Business Venture course for tomorrow
- Answer all your emails re: INSEAD size, INSEAD weaknesses (I know, I haven't quite spoken about that yet)
- Unload my tons of luggage
- Rest and recover from jetlag
- Catch up with friends, family, and business stuff.

Right now, it's a rather strange atmosphere over here. Some participants are in China now, doing the field trip "Building Business in China" which I missed in the bidding process. Most people are in their families. It just seems that we all meet in airport hubs, as I bumped to fellow students in Dubai. Some people are moving back in (just like me), including newcomers from Singapore who are experiencing quiet town life in the forest.
I hope come Wednesday, School will come back to life!



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