Friday, February 23, 2007

Three rounds of standing ovations for Horacio!

Where is this number coming from?
Well, round 1 was because he's just had a baby boy. It's the 3rd INSEAD baby in less than a week. Congrats to all of them.
Round 2 was because it was our last session, and honestly Horacio is right up there in the pantheon of INSEAD legends. I just enjoyed every minute of his classes -not solely for the entertainment, and his communications uber-skills- but also because Negotiations are so important in every aspects of your life. From business contracts, to job interviews, to even selctecting the TV channel in the living room for the evening movie!
Round 3 was because, as a great communicator, Horacio claimed that he'll always remember the Great July 07 intake -for at least the fact that he fathered little Luca at the same time.

A word about the Nego last session. Recruiters beware, we know all your tricks and we are ready to negotiate. The topic was: Job interviews - not interviewing, negotiating (not just the salary).
Among the many tips, and the one that I can reveal without too much damage to the course dynamics, my favourite is the Future Opportunities. Say a Big name company gives you a low range salary -they always do that- and of course you ask "Where is this number coming from?". Very often, the answer will be like, "it's a great name on your CV, so it justifies less". To which you should claim that the only way to value that option is to leave the company. So let's take that number, thanks, but let's work on some more value for you and for me.
Another one I like is when they say -"Well the number comes from the average of your position in the firm". To which one way of answering is "Well, why should you pay for others' mistakes. I'll take that number, thanks, but let's create bla bla bla".
Of course, the minimum requirement is to engage in relationship building first. We had a painful role play of someone not willing to give his pre-MBA salary for fear of being anchored low, but completely destroying the relationship in the process.

During the session, we had other role plays. Great session. Among the best quotes:
- Horacio simulating interviewer "You're a great candidate, we'll give you 60K"
- Student "Hum... Where is this number coming from? Which currency? Is it per month?"
- Horacio: "Ha ha. No, it's for 5 years."

"The way companies treat you when they interview you is probably the best way they'll ever treat you.." Horacio on why should you care about interview signals.

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