Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Smile, you're being tracked

Yesterday I inserted a tracker on the site.

It's fascinating. I feel I know you better guys... In a way, it's putting some pressure. Didn't know so many people visited.

Interesting facts: most visits came from the US, France, Singapore, and India. Most visitors access through a bookmark.

Among those accessing from a search engine (google by 100%), funny searched keywords were: Ice Fili case answer MBA, Chateau Montmelian wedding, Insead vs. Harvard, and Why Insead.

For the "Chateau Montmelian wedding" search, I am sorry to disappoint, there's no gossip in this column. Although all the School is aware that one of the Montmelian guys is getting married. The funny story is, it was his last question of the 10 No's assignment for Negotiations (the one in which you had to analyse 10 questions for which you were answered NO), to his current girlfriend, and guess what, she said... YES.

For your info, Montmelian is the Chateau of the self-proclaimed "Beautiful People", whatever it may mean... They do organise some of the best Fonty parties. And not to be misquoted, I appreciate them all.

Today, I've learned that Political Analysis exam is not only closed book, but NO cheatsheet. Big, big panick. Talking about that class, we had final presentations on North Korea problem, with groups presenting perspectives from US, China, Japan, South Korea, and North Korea. The one from North Korea was pretty impactful. They used the Negotiations class structure, and were able to ask "legitimately" everything but the kitchen sink. Horacio (the Nego Prof), you rock! your model works well...

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At 8:09 PM , Blogger Ashwyn said...

hey, just saw your comment today. Sure, lets exchange! How's the MBA going?


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