Saturday, February 24, 2007

The last VOBM class

I know I should be studying for Monday's end of term exams.
I sort of feel confident though, that I'll perform ok in Political Analysis, and that I'll bomb the Macro exam.
It's just that, since I put in place the internet tracker on Wednesday, I'm feeling the pressure of numbers. I got my first visitors from Slovenia, Spain, Japan, Belgium, Brasil, Ireland, Ukraine. The bulk of visits still comes from France, US, India, and the UK.

VOBM ended on Friday. I feel so fortunate to have attended that course. Phil is definitely one of the toughest, most demanding, most passionate, best Professors. He is so amazing, because he does not transmit the virus of entrepreneurship through some great magician tricks (such as breathtaking communication abilities) -which are bound to collapse like a soufflé after some time- but through the ability to bridge the entrepreneurship dream to the realm of possibility. In other words, he demystifies the thing, and put down a concrete, achievable path for any MBA. I'm not saying that we'll all end up entrepreneurs, but that we could all become so.

With my group, when we had our last meeting to write the Final paper, by discussing, we came up with such a great new idea. Because we were too much into the Final, we kept it aside for P4, and continued to write on our previous blander project... That's the power of the course.
Well, I did some ground work for VOBM still: I tested advertising on the Net. Using Google's ad service (adwords), I inserted an ad for this blog on the net.
It costs:
- €30 for the month (well, I capped it to that level, for the sake of the project)
- You can bid for amounts per clicks (presumably, the more you bid, the more frequency of appearance) - I took the default option
- You select keywords- I chose MBA INSEAD, Harvard, Wharton, LBS, and in the US to start with. I know, it's wicked... Still it worked, one visitor came yesterday after googling "Harvard"...

I'll post a word on Macro and IPA later.

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