Tuesday, February 27, 2007

End of P3: What a last day of term looks like

Yesterday was the last day of P3.
I cannot believe it's gone so quick. No one can. I'm starting to feel the urge of keeping memories from School. A picture of the School, a picture of my Profs. Professors were so good in P3, that it would have taken great efforts to reach them and take a pic with them anyhow. And I would have passed for a weird Japanese tourist.

Time for recap. My favourites classes this term were: Family Business, VOBM, Negotiations Analysis. Awesome stuff, inspiring, and useful. To this I can add Macro. I know it sounds strange, considering past comments. But the course really started off after 4 sessions and reached the very top. And as one fellow participant said: "When you have experienced Macro classes in your previous life, you know that this one is unebelievably good". Fair enough. Political Analysis, in this regard, was alright, but could have been fascinating.

My favourite Professors this term, naturally were: Phil Anderson, Randel Carlock, Horacio Falcao, and Ilian Mihov (alphabetical order). They have different styles. It just shows that whatever your style is, as long as you're passionate, have integrity between your character and your delivery, people will follow. To all of them, my most sincere appreciation, and gratitude.

That's the thing about P3. It could be your greatest INSEAD experience so far, or a not so convincing one. It all depends on Electives that you choose, and, I'll be blunt, on the Professors as well. I'm lucky to have had A-class Profs this term. As you know, A-class people hire A-class people. B-class people hire C-class people, C-class people hire, well C-class people too. (learning from VOBM class). In Profs examples, A-class have A-class contacts and experience. Professor Mihov worked with Bernanke -although I promise that did not influence my appreciation of him ;-)

Phil had great contacts with Asian entrepreneurs. Randel had unbelievable connections with Asian families. That translates into great stories, great insights, and sometimes great guest speakers.

So, to come back to the Last Day of P3. Well exams were much easier than I thought. Considering my preparation, that was all I needed. I guess, to grab points, you could have put "Institutions" every 10 words for political analysis, and poured "Technological Frontier", "Output to Potential", "Shift of LM curve", "Productivity, non-tradable goods, wages increase" every here and there in Macro.

At lunch, our review time was disturbed by deafening noises. My curiosity got the better of me, and that was actually a Lion Dance to bring good luck and dispel bad spirits. Then INSEAD staff got their annual party. Pascal, from Finance 2, was there, and all Fonty people were pressing to get pictures with him.

After exams, we gathered for drinks and food, before going to restaurant, and finishing the night at Sentosa's Café del Mar, where everybody said bye to everybody. I really wanted to have a last chat and sincere goodbye to those who will stay in Singapore -that I will not see again before graduation- and with whom I had so much pleasure working.

Assuredly, INSEAD rocks...

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