Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Bye Bye Singapore

It's over. It was superb.
Campus is awesome.
Spirit is great. Kind of top notch fusion cuisine: modern, audacious, international.
Courses were incredible.
New people met from Singapore were brilliant.
New people met from Fonty (there were a lot, for me) -why didn't I meet them before? Great bunch.
Week-end trips were much fun.
Food was excellent.
Shopping was ok.
Can Fonty P4 top that?
Don't miss out the next episodes of your dedicated insider, and you'll know...
Stay tuned. I'll do anything to boost current audience to 100 visitors a day (currently 50+). Tell School gossips, sex stories, betrayals, rivalries! ;-)
Thanks for coming, hope it helps in your decision to apply for an MBA, your choice of School.
Welcome to new visitors of the past days: Senegal, Croatia, Philipines.



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