Monday, February 12, 2007

From Singapore with Love

Mardi-gras time is Brazil, samba time.
From the other side of the planet (from Brazil perspective), Brazilian students joined forces to give us as close a Brazilian BBQ fiesta as can be.

It's also a good opportunity, on my side, to tease my Fonty housemates and classmates who decided to stay there for winter time.

To organise a proper Brazilian party, this is a users guide in picture (thanks to Jonas our official paparazzo).
First, you get some meat, and a BBQ, and all that close to a swimming pool (Dover condo).

Then, you get some real Brazilians. For some reasons, they always act as chick magnets. They'll always end up with the popular girls around them.

Then you gather like minded people (a good 100 INSEAD students).
Ideally you get some music, but in our case, given Singapore restrictions, we did not have any... Actually we had to stop by 11PM...

Then, heat, body contact, booze, BBQ smell and smoke for the ambiance, and that's it. Simple, efficient, nice, and the first all INSEAD all intakes all purpose private gathering... Thanks guys, a real welcome event before all papers deadlines this week.

Today we also had P4 Bidding results. It's not samba time over here... I got mostly all I wanted but 2 classes (how positive/zen does that sound...) After P3 bidding, for which, let's call a cat a cat, I got screwed, I decided to change strategies and bet on Dean Antonio to add classes for the very high demand courses.
Not only did School not substract any points for an Elective I highly bid (not to get the same result as P3), but also they did not add classes for ultra in-demand courses the way they did for Negotiations and VOBM. Go figure... What I got is still very cool, and I've decided to beeeeg my way in at least one of the missed courses. Or maybe that would look too needy, what do you think Horacio ? (Falcao, our Negotiations Prof.) Maybe I should instead prepare a 7-Element sheet...

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