Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The curse of the Dean's Lister

I like Dean's listers. The vast majority of them are ultra cool.
I like them in my group as well. They work very hard. They can smell the ultimate reward...
Unfortunately, it's rare commodity. Not only they make up only 10% of the intake, but they have all incentives to stay together. Primus inter pares.
It's quite legitimate. Most of non-Dean's listers are focused on personal projects (school-related, fun-related, or business-related). They don't care about grades, anymore or at all.

To keep an update on my negotiation with Dean Fatas for attending an Entrepreneurship Elective for which I failed to bid enough, it's not going well, but not badly either.
Basically, demand for Entrepreneurship is really booming at INSEAD. I even was told that Entrepreneurship has the biggest market share of Electives offer... The trend has amplified, and our intake must be breaking all records. VOBM (definitely one of the best classes so far) was full and could have accomodated another half section. That's 180 people interested, in P3. Realising Entrepreneurial Potential REP -the one I'm pushing for in P4- is full in Fonty, with 55 people on the waiting list (150 bidders).
I like this trend. After Finance and Consulting/General Management, and partly thanks to Singapore Campus culture, the School is really developping as major Entrepreneurship competence centre.

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