Friday, September 15, 2006

Read at INSEAD

I'm on a roll today.

Here's a mail sent by a student, re. Cubicle Policy, that students should leave them clean and ready for the next-in-line chaps.

Subject: RE: My Cubicle
To all you MBA students,

This is my cubicle. I love it. I even kiss the whiteboards with my luscious lips and wipe off all the dust from the desk. This is my cubicle and I don’t want anyone to come and write stupid graffiti on the boards. I do not come over to your house and spray paint economics equations or silly Leading People slogans like “Better Time Management”, and “Self Development”.

I will protect my cubicle with my life. I will sacrifice my left kidney for it, hell I already gave out my right kidney to pay for the tuition.

Please respect my cubicle.

I am naked.
I am bald.
I have a bad eyesight
I see everyone beautiful
Thats why I smile when I look at the mirror.

I found it hilarious. It's in the same mould as Drive Safe Campaign - I don't know why it is that in the Real Life, we need to police things in a threatening way, while messages can be passed smoothly and funnily in a much more efficient manner.

To finish with W3, it has been full of Company Presentations and there's Recruitment Fair as well next week. That is to say, it's true that 10 months is short to learn AND search for a job, but you need to know a bit about yourself and what you want to do. Times and times, people will say that INSEAD is not for career switchers, and they are right.
This said, you can enjoy the benefits of your previous intake job searches. INSEAD thus has 2 recruitment periods during the year, ie. for December intake in Period 4 (the currently ongoing recruitment targets) and July intake Period 4 (in April, more or less), which is more than any other B-school. The good thing is, when you start like me, you can enjoy to pop in some presentations just to have the feel of it. Next week, Google is coming to campus for recruitment. There are assured of a massive turnout, as most students I have spoken to about jobs either wanted to go to Consulting, Private Equity, or Google, whatever that may mean.

Ok, I'll get ready for the Pirates party - I plan to wear a symbolical eye bandage as a costume...

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