Friday, September 08, 2006

Group Work

I am like writing in one night all messages that should have been posted day by day, but that should soon change once I receive my brand new laptop!

Today I would like to write about group work at INSEAD. A large part, if not major part, of the learning experience comes from group work.
Apparently some teachers at Organizational Behaviour have designed algorithms to create groups with a maximum conflict potential.

Conditions to form a group (for Periods 1 and 2, ie. 4 months), according to empirical evidence:
- Either 2 girls or none. Interestingly, that would be designed to avoid two side-effects: 1/ the Princess syndrom whereby the sole girl would do nothing because she would be spoilt by the guys. The rationale, of course, being that guys have strings attached - and remember that girls are a rarity on campus, so vey much in demand. 2/ the Harassment issue, presumably when the Princess does not succumb to her courtisans.
- One Indian in each group; or maximum diversity of nationalities (one French etc.)
- Mix of ages, to get an average of 29-30 per group.
- One consultant/quantitative person per group.

So far, after 10 days, I have collected group issues for you:
- Groups in which 2 or more people want to be the Chief.
- Groups in which the young partygoers team up against the (most commonly) hard-working older ones.
- Groups with personality clashes, like Arts vs. Science, Prada vs. Ralph Lauren, Hollywood vs. Nouvelle Vague.
- Groups in which everybody relies on the McKinsey guy.
- Groups that are not yet groups for several of the above reasons.

For the record, my group actually is great. Great people, intelligent. I sense the possibilities of clashes, but will write on them later, if they ever materialize. As I see things for now, 2 will rotate some kind of leadership, with 2 other teammates who would provide content and all-round skills, and another one who would play the group brakes (you know, the kind of pessimistic person, who has great value in not to letting everybody rushes head down).
I'll keep you posted on interesting developments.



At 2:45 AM , Blogger hallonman said...

Reading your entries reminds me of when I once bumped into my old boss. He had switched jobs to a competing company, and I asked him what he was doing there.

He replied : "Same shit, different place".

What I'm saying is that it's great to see that you guys in Fonty are going through exactly the same experiences as us here in Singapore.

Of course, since we're some 6 odd hours ahead of you, we could probably set up some sort of cooperation in the UDJ class to make sure that our promotion as a whole don't go completely broke.


At 12:27 PM , Anonymous sandrine said...

hey Domo², it's quite interesting reading about your new experience... i'm wondering what part you may eventually play in your group. pls, let us know about that...

and i was honored to realize your blog began with our recent gyoza party. let's plan a new theme party soon !

love, sandrine

At 12:20 AM , Blogger DomoDomo@INSEAD said...

Hey Sandrine, Thanks for coming in. As you can see I'm replying late because I've just found out how to read public comments lol. Yes another gyoza party would be awesome. BTW, keep the anonymity. DomoDomo is great ;-)


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