Friday, September 08, 2006

Parties at INSEAD

Social life at INSEAD is vibrant.

You hear many stories about how much one can pack activities in one day, one week-end, one week, at INSEAD. And guess what: they are all true.

I have never practiced so much in sport, yet studied and read so much, yet attended parties so much. And it's only the beginning!
Right now, it's Indian Summer in Fonty. That is called this way when Autumn is hot and sunny. Yesterday (ie. on Tuesday when I wrote this message), I went running then to a BCG presentation. The day before, I went playing rugby followed by an impromptu BBQ next to the playing field. Last Saturday was the famed Bain & Company School Opening Party. Thusday was Student Council's BBQ. This coming Saturday is my first INSEAD themed party: Space! It's been like that for the past 10 days. You honestly can go out every single evening of the week, should you want to. For my part, I think it will be a challenge to select and turn down some.

If I can get some pictures I will try to upload them for you.




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