Friday, September 08, 2006

Heard at INSEAD

"Why do we teach more theory than other classes? Because we have a theory."
Professor of Finance Theo Vermeulen, as opposed to Organizational Behaviour, Accounting, and other classes.

"If you want to do good, do it with your own money."
Professor of Finance, as opposed to the Company's money, presumably against companies that advertise Social Responsibility in their Statement. Professor Vermeulen later demonstrated that Social Responsibility creates a gap in the market which other companies use to undertake hostile raids.

"Shareholders Value is not screwing up everybody else."
Same Finance Professor. A brilliant guy, for sure. He advocated on this instance that focusing on shareholders value does not mean not taking care of other stakeholders' interests.

"Protect your mentor when a young manager. Stab him only when you're ready."
OB Professor Michael Brimm, on why young grads should always stay under protective wings at the beginning.

"Never commits until you have to."
OB Professor, on keeping several options opened and closing them only when compelled to make choices.

"Promotion is a chance to screw up on a larger scale."
OB Professor.

"I want to get laid."
MBA female student to fellow female student. And I will not reveal names...



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