Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Farewell Parties Part 1

Yesterday I had my first of many farewell gatherings. It was held at my aunt's.
Interestingly, nobody knew of INSEAD, either in Fonty or Singapore, though my aunt travels a lot due to her business in Singapore.

Of particular interest were the wines, two of which I definitely recommend.
First, we celebrated with Dom Perignon champagne (I can't recall which vintage).

Then we had a St-Julien Clos du Marquis 1996 (Parker 90/100), which was absolutely astounding. I think it was both elegant but not precious. In French you could say "racé", which somehow means elegant but in a masculine way. For the experts, the Clos du Marquis is the 2nd wine of Château Léoville Las Cases, but is just as good as any 1st wine.
To finish, we had the one bottle too many: the Haut-Médoc Puy Castéra 1995 Cru Bourgeois. It was good, although coming after the St-Julien was bound to be a hard task.

To conclude: excellent evening, and although nobody knew INSEAD, every one was very impressed, and I was the proud recipient of honours and praise.
Next gathering, on Thursday, for my co-workers.



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