Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Au revoir, Home

On Friday and Saturday, I held my last farewell parties, with friends and family.
On Sunday I took the plane to Paris. It was odd, since the past 4 years have been the most intense in my professional and personal lives.
Of course Mom and Dad were sad, as I was, because it always is heartbreaking to part ways. What made it sadder than usual was that I don't know yet where INSEAD will lead me. I mean, I have plans to share my life between home, where my professional interests are, and away, where opportunities may arise. That reminds me that when I was interviewed by INSEAD alumni, and I outlined to them my post-INSEAD goals, they both said that although they had rarely seen such focus, I should keep myself open to new opportunities that inevitably would arise at INSEAD. That is why maybe I was blue in the plane... What if, despite my strongest will, I should not come back home? What if my dream life after INSEAD of half a year home half a year elsewhere turns out to be different?

We shall see developments during the year.
Programme of the week: to finally read pre-course readings, and on Sunday, to head to Fonty for the Foundations programme.




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