Friday, September 08, 2006

Week 2: First classes

Today was Ethics Day at INSEAD, Wed. 6.

This is not a fad, a new topic at School, since this Day is the 17th.
I like the idea of Ethics day, in the beginning of school year.

As you can imagine, the debate, most of the time, could not fly over the "what is moral in my country may not be in yours" altitude.
Some girl even ventured to claim that ultimately the Google censure on Tien An Men was good for the Chinese people because otherwise that could refresh bad memories and that could not be what Chinese people desired after all. The good thing at INSEAD is respect. That girl (not Chinese) felt safe enough to say clear and loud such a thing!

Conclusion of Ethics day: ultimately you have to know when you face an ethical issue and answer lies in your inner self.

In Period 1, or P1, we have 5 classes.

1. Leading People and Organizations, by Professor Michael Brimm.
It is quite a fun class. The title speaks for itself, and Prof. Brimm does a good job of conceptualising a subject that, in all honesty, could be fuzzy and buzzy.
It is all about psychology in management, knowing people through their types (essential features, such as MBTI types), and learning how to deal with diversity. I suspect that it also mixes up our own team experience to learn about team dynamics.

2. Uncertainty, Data and Judgment, by Professor Enrico Diecidue.
Funny how the Professor's name (12 in Italian), was predestined for that man. The class is about statistics and more broadly, how to make sound judgments with data.

3. Financial Accounting, by Professor Steve Monahan.
Balance sheets, Income statements, ratio analysis, you name it it's there!

4. Financial Markets and Valuation, by Professor Theo Vermeulen.
Another good class with a Professor displaying astounding Belgian humour.

5. Prices and Markets, by Professor Tim Van Zandt.
It's about economics, basically. Nice games in there, as introduction to game theory, and market pricing. Quite fun, but not so easy.



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