Friday, September 22, 2006

Heard and Read at INSEAD

I don't have much to feed you on this, because the week has been intense preparing for one exam.

But I did attend classes, and here's what teachers and fellows said this week.

"You have to do your homework, otherwise I'm going to put 70% of the grade on Homework."
Students (in choir):
Professor (thinking):
"Ok, 30%..."
Professor Vermaelen, on how to motivate us to do our homework exercices before class.

"You get this formula CVt=NOPLATt+1(1-g/RONIC)/(WACC-g). Nothing in the sleeves here."
Professor Vermaelen, explaining a difficult formula to puzzled students.

"P/E method is poor. It's a good method if you think the other party is stupid."
Finance Professor, commenting on the failings of Price/Earnings ratio. He gave us example of company in the red that would be valued for nothing.

"Maybe, in the long run. But in the long run we're all dead."
Finance Professor escaping question from a student asking about a long-run trend.

"It smells Poisson"
Stats Professor Enrico Diecidue on giving clues to students on which statistic law to apply for a particular problem.
To know more about Poisson Law's_law_of_large_numbers

"It's strange, I always use 2.58. Are you confused?"
Professor Diecidue, to a student giving him the wrong Normal Z coefficient for a 99% confidence interval of a sample.
To know more about confidence intervals:

"These guys over here are obsessed whether size matters."
Stats Professor, commenting on why so many students were asking questions about sampling sizes, and coming up with a great slide showing various outrageous bell curves (ie. whatever the original distribution, samples do follow a Normal law distribution to the mean).

"Do you want to be my random device?"
Stats Professor, selecting a student to choose randomly a sample of other students.

"Our standards are really falling at INSEAD."
One French student commenting to another French student, both checking out the same bird...

"EBITDA, EVA and RONIC is so 80's.
We are obsessed with the Balanced Diamond Framework."

P4 Student answering to newer intakes P1's following message:

"These P4's... They are too serious... They are obsessed with EBITDA or EVA or RONIC. They love calculating NPV’s. They party once a period. They need to relax a bit."

To know more about the Balanced Diamond Framework:

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