Wednesday, July 04, 2007

The last night before the End

I'm returning from a restaurant in Fonty. I hate to say that, but gosh I'm full. My parents are in town, accompanied by my aunt and my uncle. They did not know anything about INSEAD just a year ago. Today, they'd barely stepped out of the train that INSEAD was everywhere: shuttle bus, students, parents, and taxi cab claiming that the whole Fonty city lives thanks to INSEAD. It's cool, they are in the mood of falling for the institution.

They are staying at Aigle Noir Hotel. Same stuff: INSEAD owns half of the rooms of the nicest hotel in town. Then we went out to Croquembouche Restaurant in Rue de France, and again, many INSEAD grads with parents over there.

The bottom line is: these days, Fonty breathes INSEAD, oozes INSEAD, lives for and by INSEAD.

Actually my dad is so proud of INSEAD that he may be more knowledgeable about School's stats that I do. For him who could never attend such quality institutions, although he fully recognises the learning of the School of Life, it is very important to attend Graduation too.

Yesterday, I invited my various elective group members to a Paris restaurant. We had great fun. It was a worthy ending for tremendous learning experiences. We had again lots of great food and nice wines... Nice food, nice wine, nice people, nice moments, what else can you ask for?

Tomorrow at 3PM it will be the end. Dress code being "business attire" or "National dress", I've decided to go for the risqué choice, weather permitting. In my country, formal dress is simple: a flowery short sleeve shirt, and for special occasions, shell necklaces. Shell necklaces for men capture different values that "looking good". They are much more decorated but much heavier than women's too. In a sense, they represent my post INSEAD life: much more beautiful, but also with a much heavier burden.



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