Friday, June 22, 2007

Cabaret 2007 uncensored!

What a night it has been! Unforgettable.
It's really cool to see the hidden talents of people, and how diverse in personalities they can be.

Cabaret is part of the Graduation process; it's the students performing for others, on memories -like songs written on purpose or comical sketches, or on pure fun -like dance performances or live music.

My big, big favourites were the 4 girls in black, performing the INSEAD version of the Vagina Monologues... Incredibly insightful and funny. The one on, "My Vagina has learnt from Ilian Mihov (Macro Star), when you increase Money Supply, you get more Liquidity...", got everyone roaring in respect of the boldness! I have movies on these Vagina Monologues, but have decided, for the sake of these gorgeous babes careers ;-) not to put them online.

We also had a nice Ding comic sketch, and nice renditions of crooner music (the ever sophisticated Montmelian crowd)...
In the end, we did have our own House impromptu Cabaret, when Spaniards and French joined forces to sing while drinking until 4.30 or 5 (again)... My Lord I am going to miss this crowd!

Special thanks to Annie and husband who performed a wonderful song, and got the crowd starting a fun partisan war. E3 rules indeed, no doubt about it...



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