Monday, June 25, 2007

Lessons of Power and Politics 7: There's more in Life than just P&P

Well, I'm not sure Prof. Alvarez would sum up one of his star sessions as such. The case was about the political rivalry between Pete Peterson and Lewis Glucksman, in which the apparent winner of the power struggle ended up as the loser.

In a nutshell, key takeaways were:
- power base evolves with time or environment, if you don't adjust someone else will push you out; people are more rigid than environments
- political hunger is dependent on your alternatives (ie. outside options); be a Fox and a Lion
- when you go up, you have to work on your power base/network again, and expand beyond your traditional camp -Free yourself from previous patterns
- don't mess with people's money -they care more about their pockets than their families (well, at least in IB)...
- and you might win a power struggle and push someone out, but if your life solely is built around your work and your Company, what is the point?

I've enjoyed this class immensely. It really gets you ready to confront the tough corporate world. To me, it also revealed that networking (hence power base etc.) is a systematic approach that needs much rigour. Keeping track of people you've met, you need to meet, things said, things to do...

P&P and CRFD were my favourite classes of P5. In CRFD, it seems it's getting quite technical and tough, people spending much time in group negotiations. I suppose it is about negotiating distress...

Ok, I've officially finished all my courses, and handed in all my projects. L'Ecole est Finie

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