Saturday, June 23, 2007

The Endgame...

So here's the recap of the graduation process: the Cabaret, the Endgame, the Graduation trip (Hvar in Croatia this year), the Official Ceremony, and the Grad Party.
The goal, of course, is to forge very strong bonds before leaving School.

The concept of the Endgame is very interesting. It's on Monday night, and surrounded by secrecy. What happens there stays there.

Basically, girls invite anonymously guys. Considering there are 1 girl for every 3 guys, lots of them are left over.

I'd define the Endgame as the Wild Adult Carnival. Because it's anonymous, because it's among adults, and because rumour has it it's wild. The original concept was that, before returning to our normal lives outside School, this is the last chance to have fun, any kind of which.

I believe now it's been watered down. I suppose there are 2 sorts of male guests: the real wild ones, and the inoffensive ones...

Guess what, I've been invited. I kind of suspect I've fallen in the wrong category though... But you'll never know, because whatever happens there stays there!




At 10:21 PM , Blogger Le blog hog said...

Excellent work on the Endgame invite. I think I just added a new objective to the list of things to accomplish at INSEAD next year:)

By the way, are you going to share exactly what you will be up to in Paris next year?

At 7:53 PM , Blogger DomoDomo@INSEAD said...

Hey Hog. Well you'll have to be very nice to girls lol.

Actually I'm going back to my previous commitments, for which I came to INSEAD. Paris will be my inspiration base 1/3 of the year, hopefully.



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