Thursday, June 21, 2007

A quick wrap-up of P5

P5 is coming to an end. It's the period during which (most) people chilled out after intensive job search experiences.

In P5 I took many classes. I skipped quite a few, for sure, but then went to many for which I was not registered too.

I liked B2B marketing, an Industraat Simulation for those who know. Group work in simulation against other teams is lots of fun. And Prof. Savary was really good in his case studies as well.

I loved Corporate Financial Reporting and Analysis (it's Jake, after all). Some sessions about CFO's role were on the boring side, but overall insights are great for IB wannabes or even CEOs. We had our group presentation, and everything went out perfectly considering we finished 5 minutes before class and that one person had joined the day before and one had vanished on the same day...

I could have enjoyed more Business Plan Workshop. This is a typical course out of which you get what you put in; its depth could range anywhere from the Maldives sea to the Mariana trench. I guess it also is the sort of course whose value comes from that of the participants. Steve did his best to facilitate the process of idea generation, and business models challenge from us. It is like a forum where people explain their ideas and audience responds with their experiences from all over the World. Where else could you see that but at INSEAD?

On Power and Politics, and Corporate Restructuring, I have commented already about how great they were.

Well, that is it.

Five periods, all thoroughly reported. More than 25 credits, mostly around the Entrepreneurship Track... And some other classes are just as good -Finance for instance. I'll comment on the tracks later.

On the fun side, the Paris group has met. It'll be hard to compete against London, but I'm sure we'll have just as much fun...



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