Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The late night Drinking Sessions

Wow. This morning I'm a bit wasted. Slept at 4.15.
Overnight I had one of the mythical Late Night Drinking with my Housemates. Don't get me wrong, the purpose is not to get drunk -none of us really effectively genuinely was, although technically we could have qualified as such- the purpose is to enjoy our time together and discuss about anything of interest.

Yesterday's topics:
- the Endgame, for or against (I'll try to post something soft on this very wild tradition)
- the Graduation Speaker vote, we appreciate them all, we value their commitment, but who did we pick up?
- last days in School, how are you living it?
- Housemates reunion planned beginning of next year!
- and lots of other stuff that could be discussed over a Slovak wine and some whisky.

Late night Drinking sessions rock! My Drink buddies rock!

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