Monday, June 11, 2007

July07 Promotion breaking record books... Vote please!

It's been leaked by insider information (Finance/Others God Kevin Kaiser): the current promotion has broken records in terms of pre-graduation employment! As Kevin would himself say, that's "cool".
Apparently, before cross-checking, through a survey to Students, School is confirming that lots of us have gotten jobs already. I can only concur, based on my (biased) experience. Most of people I know have already gotten a job, and better than that, jobs they are really happy about. Take my housemates. One was sponsored. I was too -sort of. One got Private Equity in Eastern Europe -a dilemma between London and over there. One got Google in Western Europe -exactly what he wanted but for the fact that he may have considered more dramatic career change. One got a job in Consulting in London. One in Investment Banking in London. And the last one is still interviewing with relative confidence, for a marketing position in Western Europe, in the Temple of Marketing...

That is sooo cool.

Be aware, though I might sound cheesy as ending is approaching, I still have my head on. I am not falling in some of nostalgic mood where everything is nice and beautiful. Granted, I love INSEAD, and INSEAD students. Still, I'm keeping cold blood...

I probably cannot talk freely of Graduation Speech (a bidding process). But let me share some of the candidates' pitches.

Pitch 1: "I want to talk about my perceptions of the school and everyone here when I first arrived, and how those perceptions changed as we gradually discovered more and more about each other. " Though I must say, buddy Pitcher 1, your pitch is way too personalised to make the cut (private comment: I hope it won't turn into a popularity contest). The Graduation Speech is for ALL the Students, not for X or Y you liked more...

Pitch 2: "Although my “lifelong friendship passport” has been freshly stamped dozens and dozens of times, and the magic carpet ride has officially come to an end, I would like to think that this, nevertheless, is just the beginning." Nice...

Pitch 3: "We have concentrated many years of experiences into 10 incredible months but we have all lived the year in very different ways. Some partied at KM8 and slept in red London buses (and in classes) while others worked on business plans and grew their families. It has been an intense, rich year and the lessons we have learned will live with us for years to come. The graduation speech should trigger happy memories and make you laugh. It should provoke your own thoughts on what the year has meant to you and others and it should help you look forward to the future and think of ways to change the world for the better. As Enrico would say, “sounds good?” " - Sounds perfect...

Pitch 4: "So let’s get back to basics: we have made wonderful friendships with unique people and we are now being unleashed, with world-renowned qualifications, to go make a difference in the world. Awesome. No doubt: making things simple, and certainly adding the meaningful, will present the biggest challenge to come." - I agree...

Pitch 5: "What matters now is how we act going forward and how we represent the INSEAD name as we move on with our lives. What matters now is the reputation we build as responsible business leaders all around the world. What matters now is how we maintain the friendships we’ve created over the past 10 months. What matters now is how we carry the same excitement we’ve felt here through to everything that we do in the future. We are each CEOs of our own lives, so let’s get out there and start acting like it." - Buddy Pitcher 5, I had the pleasure to work with you, you are just awesome. I like you very much indeed!

Pitch 6: "Each of us for our own individual reasons decided to fill out an application, attend an INSEAD information session, and take the chance for our careers, our families, and ourselves that by coming to this school in the middle of the forest in Fontainebleau we would be better for it." - Pretty cool.

Pitch 7: "I’m not the most experienced public speaker…but I promise a speech that:
Is short, simple & sincere
Thanks family, friends, faculty for their support and patience
Urges further work on diversity at INSEAD
Hopefully makes us all think a little bit beyond just making loadza money
Makes you laugh a little (maybe even cry!)" -
Given that you' re a journalist, Pitcher 7, I believe you!

I have made my choice. One that represents the School as a whole, not particular cliques. One that speaks about the future, as much as the past. One that captures the essence of the INSEAD spirit best. I don't know which my fellow INSEADers will prefer, I just hope they choose one that represents ALL of us: Indians, Asians, Europeans, Nerds, Geeks, Cools, Attitudes, Stars, Loners, Social Beasts, Blacks, Whites, Mixes, Rich, Poor... Start being a leader, and choose the best for the Speech job, not your favourite buddy...

Now, who would you vote for???

That's your chance, let's see where your values are... Comments please!



At 4:56 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd vote for 5.

Regarding jobs, it would be really helpful if you could mention what the person was doing before also, apart from what he/she is going to do. I know you can't do this for many people, but at least some examples.


At 10:01 AM , Blogger DomoDomo@INSEAD said...

Thanks for your vote.
Trying to remember some people:
-Trader Oil -Sponsored in Toyko
-Public Works Engineering -to Procter Marketing wanabee Athens
-Internet Banking -Google Madrid
-Trader Assistant -IB Sales London
-Marketing in Start Up -Top Consulting in London
-Family Business to Family Business
-Auditor to Private Equity
-Researcher to Consulting
-Lawyer to Start Up

There are a lot of combination... Bottom Line is: Market is good and brand value too.

At 3:46 PM , Blogger DomoDomo@INSEAD said...

I think I'll vote for 7 or 5 or 4... British humour is always good, but non-native speaker could be a plus.
And all do it more for the School and us than for their personal glory, which suits me fine on this occasion...

At 6:14 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

so, who won...?

At 7:04 PM , Blogger DomoDomo@INSEAD said...

Yeah that ain't funny lol. Pitch 1 won, on a popularity contest. A really likeable chap, great elocution, I just hope he'll change his speech into something to OTHER people than Villecerf or E4...
And I wish Students would vote for girls or non-English speaking natives sometimes...


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