Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Lessons of Power and Politics 4: Thrive with Low Profile

I'm being summarized the key learnings from last sessions of Power and Politics because for some obscure reasons I have missed them...
It's very interesting to ask for the key learnings to different trusted, diligent, and intelligent people, because they would apply it to their situations and you could see the impact of the class.

The last 2 sessions were related to each other: How do you deal with success?
As INSEAD MBAs, with all due modesty, we are likely to succeed in our careers. Very soon, two common situations may arise: quitting job for something better (being poached or leaving voluntarily), or attracting jealousy. Heaven and Hell (the subject of Roger van der Weyden's tryptich in Hospices de Beaune).

How do you deal with Heaven? Well, with no looking back. People will try any tricks to make you feel guilty or indebted, whilst in most situations they would have done the same choice.

How do you deal with Hell? Think Clinton after Monica's episode. But most importantly, you anticipate that success will bring jealousy. So keep low profile, don't boast, don't show off, don't be arrogant. That will prevent your sore enemies to trespass the line of attack vs. plain jealousy.

In my regular late night drinking sessions with house mates, we today discussed the paths of some people we care about. What the Entrepreneurial people are doing next. After all they are the one having the pressure now. I guess the best approach is: give it a try for some months after School to explore the options. After all, INSEAD being one year, you in theory have the luxury of 6 months and 40.000 euros compared to Harvard, say. Alternatively, some other people are returning to their previous ventures and getting ready to act on opportunities.

Tonight is my Section Party. I shall write a post on the dynamics of Sections and how the best Section this year became the best section...

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