Saturday, May 26, 2007

D-Day for Ze Summer Ball

Tonight is the night for lots of people. Most of all, it's the 5 year Reunion for July02. The 5 year Reunion is a major milestone post-INSEAD. After that span of time, you're supposed to have achieved wonders. On Summer Ball and Reunion Week-end, you've got to show it: wife, husband, children, big business, and School donations. I think it's a great INSEAD tradition. I was on campus yesterday for the INSEAD Private Equity Conference, and could see the hundreds of alumni who would make the trip to Fonty this week-end. It must be that they loved it, the people, and the life. And that they did pretty well...
This week-end also is the 10 year Reunion. Just as many alumni attending. Incredible.

For us, the Summer Ball is like our Graduation Gala. There's graduation trip coming, graduation party, everything is a pretext for celebrating the end. I just hope it's going to be better than the Winter Ball. It will take place at the Chateau of Fontainebleau, the first time ever the Chateau has opened its doors for such an event (presumably INSEAD is becoming ze major patron of the Town). The only problem is price: 160 euros... It put off too many students to my liking.

On the IPEC event. Great job. The must-see of Europe's Private Equity and VC. Sitting closeby to me was one of the first investors of Skype. Every of his words were scrutinized. He was bullish in e-commerce in Europe (and France), and in Russia and Eastern Europe in general.
While I was noticing that he was selecting CVs from INSEAD's Private Equity Book, my neighbour asked me whether his was on the list... This is how respected the man is...

Ok, must go to tuxedo renting place.

The one I went to: (106 Bd Grenelle, Métro Motte-Picquet Grennelle)
It's cheap (70 euros for 4 days) and good quality...


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