Saturday, May 19, 2007

... Revealing my non-PC side

I've just received this message from the last post of India that I had written.

Stop being a white supremacist making comments about a society much richer, business-wise and culture-wise, than any place you have lived in based on 5 days of "enlightenment". You guys (the whites) have screwed this country over for 150 years and expect the difficulties that you indebted us with to disappear in 5 years of IT revolution?"

Hum. That's an interesting comment, thanks for reacting to the post.
I'm sorry to have come across as a white supremacist, because I'm actually not white, and coming from a colonized country as well.

There are things though that I must defend myself against.
First, I'm not sure the whites have screwed India. They have done many bad things, but also many good things. There's a big chance that India also works out well thanks to the British legal and educational system. Now I don't get the value of whining about what the whites have done badly. It was 60 years ago, the new generation has to move on and concentrate on the amazing opportunities. It's very convenient -also in business- to emphasise past errors for current performance.

Second, I don't think I've claimed that India is so much cooler than any places I've been to. On the contrary, for how much I loved India, I could not live there, because it is physically demanding. There are lots of business opportunities, that's for sure -I fully recognise that. So?
Also, one point where I could defend myself is about the perception of Indian businessmen. I have just claimed that Asians at large have different values. They don't like to show off, and assertiveness is sometimes regarded as arrogance. And sadly, MBAs like assertiveness. That was just my argument for explaining why some fellows were not impressed by some people I had found awesome...

And finally, my point of view is personal, I have never claimed any particular legitimacy in what I'm writing, except for the fact that it is genuinely/candidly what I think. Now it's great that some people would just not agree, but I'm taking particular care to warn that this blog is about perceptions, and that the reality is up to all of you to figure out. And while 5 days are sure light, we have met a good representation of Indian business today, with top people and top organisations. It's also MBA skills to get a quick and as reliable opinion of a market, maybe through its strengths and weaknesses, and decide what you could/would do in the face of these... Nothing's perfect, but your stance must be coherent with your system...

But thanks again for raising the debate. Cheers.



At 7:23 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...


It's an interesting world don't you think? that someone actually perceived your blog as 'white supremacist'?!! Well, I'm Indian, and a lot of read your blog which is extremely well written. I guess that's about democracy - you never know who thinks what!

There are always touchy people - those who simply cannot tolerate any comment on their values, culture or anything at all and they see it as an attack. Some of these are hypocrites who work in global industries, critize the same work they do, will torch a shop if they get a chance ;)

keep the posts coming!

At 12:25 AM , Blogger Crazy Texan said...

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At 1:47 AM , Blogger DomoDomo@INSEAD said...

Hey Crazy Texan,
Just email me at


At 1:50 AM , Blogger DomoDomo@INSEAD said...

Thanks all for your comments! India IS AWESOME. And the community at INSEAD just gives such a remarkable image of Indians.


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