Friday, June 01, 2007

The last push before the end

I have 2 goals in P5: to enjoy the last moments, and to mount a serious Business Plan with a team mate, at least for the sake of the Business Plan Competition.

It's becoming difficult when you mix the two together. Up to now, my team mate and I have met regularly in a Fonty Bar as our meeting point. Big, big mistake. Well, is it? It's definitely great for team morale, but it seems that our business model evolves with the number of glasses of champ that we take... I've now taken the serious commitment, with the help of course Business Plan Workshop (BPW) to cristalyse our model and have fun at the BP Competition!

Yesterday, an INSEAD friend had his girlfriend's photo exhibit Vernissage party. Lots of INSEAD showed up, some after a day trip to Disneyland, some after a dinner in Paris. I love that sort of events. I think people are loosening up incredibly. No more Dean's list pressure, no more job pressure. Some people that were kind of tense and uptight are now very cool. If that continues, by the end of the MBA we'll all love everyone...

On the other hand, as I was discussing with my flatmates, we're heading for a shock, and thanks God Prof Alvarez is preparing us for big time in Power and Politics.
The last case was about a high flying MBA grad -a situation you could easily relate to- crashing his first assignment because of the wrong tactics at the wrong time.
While he was used to consensus building, participative management, OB soft techniques with his MBA peers, he did not realise he had to apply tough leadership, strong drive and control, bossy style in an entrepreneurial company (think IT, or new market development...) You could see many of us doing the same mistake, as some persons suggested "outdoor team building events, or social events" to boost "team morale" when the project was days within launch after 18 months of MBA style management... You kind of get worried when you know that person is going to Top Consulting.

So love is good, but again, outside is a different world. I feel like I'm turning into a tough b**tard...

PS: BTW to all my Chinese friends, Dragon Week amphi storming was ok. Dances were not that bad (you should actually make a joke of it, it'd be hugely popular, see video). And the Dragon Week seriously rocked! Thank you.

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At 1:46 PM , Blogger Le blog hog said...


Best of luck in the Business Plan competition and hope you are able to finish the program without any regrets. It's amazing how fast 10 months fly by...seems like yesterday I started following your journey.

About your colleague going to top consulting, I say caveat emptor. I still cannot comprehend why firms are willing to pay 3000 EUR per day for one top tier consultant who has never actually created tangible value in their lifetime. Your company & mine will not. It’s a shame there are so much poor corporate managers out there who only play with shareholder’s money.

At 7:08 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

That case you are talking about, is that the Tom petersen case (i think thts him)..or the one where they are working for some cellular company? and the guy is some hbs grad? Just wondering since i am applying to insead..and did lots of cases..and seeing how much overlap i will have:)

At 12:43 AM , Blogger DomoDomo@INSEAD said...

Indeed that's the case. It's actually Eric, if I recall. HBS grad who was shell shocked after his firts experience but went on to succeed in Real Estate.
How come you've covered so many cases? Did another MBA?
I guess that's why INSEAD is trying to push for its own cases too, and in Europe...
Then again, I've honestly seen Profs solving cases very differently, and even getting various insights. Check my posts on Deigan Morris, you'll understand.

At 12:44 AM , Blogger DomoDomo@INSEAD said...

I'm preparing a post JUST for you on the comments you're making. Seems you don't need to attend Kevin Kaiser's class, you have the same philosophy ;-)


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