Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Live by the Sword, Die by the Sword (El Presidente)

I know this will interest many of you.
It seems that Private Equity is the hot subject at MBAs and in the Corporate World. To me, coming from a not-so sophisticated country, it was all new.
Today I had a meeting with a potential investor in our REP project (remember, the Secret Project that I still need to uncover to you later on). Now I'm touching PE from as close as can be. It seems to be a tough but rewarding entrepreneurial option too.

But better read from El Presidente (copied pasted from Comments he put in previous post) who I understand lives in London and used to be the Annie Smith of a past intake (Annie is our Council President). That may give some ideas for the late job seekers.
Thanks for your contributions, guys.

"TIP: Hunt down all INSEAD VC's and tell them that if they place you in a portfolio company, you will remove risk and increase reward. Serious - best way into an entrepreneurial company is through VC introductions. How can company say no to the ones who hand out the pesos. Worked for me...

Major Corporation (MC) paid my way at INSEAD, so I did several years at MC in return. Left MC to run an electronics company, where I left because ethics turned out to be quite shady. Then....got involved with VC friends, who placed me into the company I still run today. I just sold 15% of company to strategic investor to fund next round of expansion. That's it. The entrepreneur's life is rough on the marriage, but very rewarding and satisfying - you are actually building something, rather than at MC's where you fight for real or imagined credit for something already built. But be cautious, understand that if you are not increasing value, VC's will dump you in a nano-second. Live by the sword, die by the sword! "

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At 10:36 AM , Anonymous Gabriel said...

He really has a point :) no quiet life is rewarded here.

Best regards


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