Monday, May 21, 2007

A little bit of Spirituality

I'm getting lazy. Just found out that my final report for BBI was late by 2 days. Was supposed to do it on Friday, then Saturday, then Sunday morning, then night. It's Monday 1.45AM I'm halfway through.
The reason is, I needed to rest. Thursday was bank holiday in France, and most people did the "bridge" on Friday (to get 4 days off). My fellow INSEADs are shocked by the number of bank holidays in France. I think it's not that bad.
I mean, I thoroughly enjoyed my Ascension week-end.
I went to visit friends in rural France. After months at INSEAD, knowing how much I'm in tune with the people there, and how we all share very deep values, to come back to a French France was somehow odd. I mean, you can hardly get more French than that family, which I love very much by the way. It was just funny to have this ethnologist attitude: what typical French people do, think... For me, so far from my family, to spend some days in one was really cool.

It made me wondered how this INSEAD world, which is about to end, is so different from the reality. How perfect it is, how much I will miss it: being at the leading edge of business, meeting razor sharp people (profs and students alike), having this feeling that anything is either possible or "easy" (no arrogance here). How much I will miss them all too, these funny people with whom you could relate/connect so easily.

Anyway, for your record, typical French bourgeoisie, on an Ascension week-end: go to the countryside in their second home, go to mass, go to visit parents, stay in the garden, eat well, visit local interesting places (where I was: monasteries, Merlin forest, local museums), watch Pop Idol, watch French news, and play with children... No wine drinking, that was I, as a typical INSEAD ;-)

What was much harder was to get back to Fonty for Saturday 8.30 simulation in B2B marketing...



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