Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The not-nice post

People say I'm too nice. I don't think so. And I'll prove it right now: Dragon Week has just taken the prize of worst amphi storming of the year (Humour and Dance choregraphy categories). Just a notch ahead of Heart of Europe in these categories. Maybe it was their first one of the week but the scenario was hum and the dance was painful. It was hurting because I like them and care for them, so I was living an inner torture watching it.

Ok overall I think most people didn't notice too much and were happy with the result.

My point is, the National Weeks are so good at capturing the clichés on regions, that's what I love them.

On the other hand, Dragon Week produced the best tshirt -by far- of the year and tomorrow's dinner will sure be a hit. Similarly, their idea for the Friday party -on a peniche in Paris- to recreate the 1930s Shanghai is just brilliant. I just hope they won't dance again...

Now who says I'm too nice?

Now some not-nice comments I've heard (not shared by your reporter).

"The so-what course", on Family Firms in Fonty, from a tough PE guy, because whatever takeaway was not deep/hard stuff for him. In defence of Prof. Carlock, the course IS amazing, but we had it in a format of 16 student-class over there in Singapore P3, as opposed to 60 over here. I guess you can dig the "so what" key points when there are less people..

"We had cat food on a piece of bread; people would be happy if you just feed them", a very angry alumn partner for the limited quantity/quality of canapés before the Ball. He argued, rightly, that it should be an investment, ie. School should pay a lot to please the alumni, and hope to get back later.

"Maybe you're right, but I don't know what you're saying", tough guy Kevin Kaiser on a muddy comment from a student.



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