Thursday, May 03, 2007

Indian Trip Day 4: making a Ton out of it

BBI is coming to an end. It's a difficult thing to organise; people are all getting a bit tired. It's nice that speakers are varied.

Today we had a panel of 3 famous entrepreneurs: one young female heir, one Bollywood films distributor, and one bookshop entrepreneur. Again, what speaks to me was the variety of profiles. Some participants found the Indian Indian a bit unassuming, most loved the Bollywood distributor. I think the comparison is a bit unfair. First, it is subjective: funnily, none of the speakers introduce themselves with numbers (revenues for instance), which leaves appreciation to what is visible. In that case, of course girls were melting for the schmaltzy savvy assertive producer. Second, and foremost, obviously we could relate more easily to the MBA-educated film producer (as someone commented, we speak the same language...)

The Indian heiress presented several interesting aspects: women in Indian business, Family issues and succession in Indian firms. It may be a cultural misunderstanding again (although she was fairly of the American Indian type), but I'm always hum-hum about dramatization, although I understand women in Business always have to prove more...

The afternoon session was amazing: we visited the Indian Adwords, courtesy of Mahesh (the big Guru of Advertising over here), and he showed us a demo of his business model. Very insightful. Product was cool, speakers were great, but more importantly, we got a feel of a real start-up: visiting the office, sensing the culture (Silicon Valley type)... The window is open for 5 years or so, according to the speaker, and he sure is making the most of it.

To finish with, we met some alumns in an INSEAD Bar. Was great, but turnout was lower than expected. Good news is, it seems post-INSEAD trauma is very well handled by most.

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At 6:28 AM , Blogger Manish Marwaha said...

Post INSEAD Trauma? educate me about it..
rite now i'm having the pre-INSEAD jitters as i wait for the interview invitation...

At 11:23 AM , Blogger Dee said...

hey, let us know if you guys are still around. the new admits meet up often in Bombay so if your field trip isnt over just yet, we could organize a meet?
did you guys meet up at Karma?

At 5:47 PM , Blogger DomoDomo@INSEAD said...

Hey, call Caroline at Ambassador Hotel. Alternatively meet us at Kheiber tonight or PRIVE club later tonight. A bunch of us will be in Bombay until Sunday.
Congrats for the new admit!

At 9:14 AM , Blogger DomoDomo@INSEAD said...

Post Insead trauma is how people handle the crash into the real world. Insead is a perfect world, in a sense: very open minded community, with high ideals (business or else). Travels, no money issues for 1 year. THe world is different, right? Handling it means to me still being warm, open, curious, and driven to making it big in life. Cheers!

At 8:43 AM , Blogger aparna said...

I'm having withdrawl symptoms!!! Missing everyone:)
This is such a cool blog- didn't know one of you was meticulously blogging everyday!
Keep in touch and ciao!

At 9:51 AM , Blogger DomoDomo@INSEAD said...

Thanks Aparna. I'm having pangs of withdrawal too. Well I did my own Wrap-up sessions before coming to classes! I'll write you an email. Take care.


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