Sunday, April 22, 2007

Being an outlaw

I want to experience being an outlaw for 10 minutes. Today is French Presidential Election, first round. No polls are allowed before 8.00 pm. It's 7.50 and these are the polls estimates: Sarko 30%, Sego 26%, Bayrou 16%, and Le Pen 11%.

This week-end, I did nothing... Well, no INSEAD assignment, just INSEAD networking. Drunk on Friday night (so many people started to celebrate their job offers), hungover on Saturday, BBQ P2s/P4s Saturday evening, and catch-up with sleep on Sunday... And some sports... Housemates are either flying to London for interviews or studying really hard for exam retake.
Next week is the last week of P4. I just can't believe it. Time flies so fast. 2 months to go, and back to the real world. Actually, in theory I had one assigment in Real Estate. This is the worst so far, and by many, many miles, of INSEAD courses. I'll write a constructive feedback for the Prof., because on the one hand, I feel bad giving a 1 out of 5 to such a nice chap, but on the other hand, if people read the news, or even he does his text messages while guest speakers experiment hypnosis on us, there must be a serious problem...



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