Thursday, April 26, 2007

The MBA Hidden Agenda

Last day of P4.

Spring being in the air, hormones awakening from a long winter, stress vanishing after job offers pouring, it is a right time to tell about the MBA hidden agenda: Meeting Mrs/Mr Right.

I know many people would not admit that, but MBAs also are important for that kind of network. We're getting fast past our studly/sexy primes, we'll be needing strong support in our careers, so BSchools are natural places to find the love candidate. Now is that a realistic assumption at INSEAD?

Let's explore numbers.
Key assumption: we're exploring the long-term commitment market...
900 participants, of which 225 girls. Males are older, marriage rate or very, very, vey serious commitment (à la louche, roughly) 30%, meaning 470 of them are available. Girls are younger, of which 10% are married or totally out of the equation, meaning 200 are available.

- Yes, the ratio is still bad, but from 1 in 4, you end up with 1 in 3, which is not that disastrous.
- Yes it is possible to find your life partner, and INSEAD couples abound. I know of at least 4 (AP, MA, MA, NA), and I'm not in the Gods' secret circle...
- Yes everything is negotiable in life...

In the short-term market, let's say that we're all human beings, and Fonty is lost in the forest, its largest population groups being retirees and game animals. So many things are possible. I understand though that Singapore is a different story...

Hereunder a pic from the Slxts and SxperHeroes party. That should reassure Dean Fatas on the wilderness of INSEAD parties... (although the front group is from Singapore, and most of them thought the idea of a costume party was an April's Fool joke).



At 5:53 PM , Blogger Le blog hog said...

Hi Domo,

I think the odds of finding mr/ms right may be slightly better than you estimate. Don't forget they call it the divorse degree. I have already been warned by friends who have seen marriages ruined by INSEAD. I, of couse, don't expect that to happen to me:)


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