Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The India trip Day 1

Day One has ended.
BBI has 2 clear advantages for me at this stage: 1/ for the serious about doing business over here (like starting one) the course is an immense network opportunity; 2/ for the rest (all but 4 or 5) it's a nice INSEAD trip to have a taste of India and feel that, after all India is not for them.

So far, the taste is a bit sweet'n'sour indeed. The country is crazy: amazing for the sheer scale of people, and knowledge, and energy; tiring by the heat, dust, and also (let's be open) by the physical demands deriving from the mix of spicy food, lack of hydration... Although it's not as bad as expected, our stomachs are a bit stretched...

We had 3 speakers yesterday: an INSEAD alumn praising the power of INSEAD network even in India, a German bloke ex-radio star, who showed all his oratory skills, and an Indian IT entrepreneur who made it form zero to $40M sales in 5 years.

Lessons of the day: Everything that you think of India, the reverse holds true. And India is changing at an incredible pace, creating opportunities not only in IT, not only driven by foreigners, but also in simple "Mom and Dad's shops to Modern Retail/Business" transformation driven by local demand.

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