Wednesday, May 02, 2007

India Trip Day 2

Stomach problems, albeit on a lightish level, are spreading. That's the only thing up to our expectations so far. Cities have been worse for some, better for others, than expected. Bottom line is: never thought it'd be like that.

Yesterday in Bangalore we had guest speakers in Private Equity, Entrepreneurship (IT and Retail).
The big debate is clearly becoming one of whether India's miracle is based on labour arbitrage -ie. temporary- or not. What is clear is that lots of business models in the IT related sectors use both labour arbitrage AND India's vast source of top notch techies. Funny enough, although vast, the labour market still does match demand; it seems start-ups' most immediate, day-to-day, challenge is to retain people. (True, big companies like Infosys suck up lots of people too.)

Today, we are in Bombay. The city looks awesome.
More to come...

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