Monday, April 02, 2007

How many Interviews do you have?

This must be the question of the Week.
Indeed, the great interview week is starting today. Selected candidates were contacted to schedule their slots, and invited for dinners.

I've never seen my fellow participants as stressed. Saw Olympian Cathy Freeman on TV this week-end, she said "Stress is the privilege of Champions"... Good luck, mierdas, merde!

As to me, I've just written to McKinsey and turn down the interview offer. I felt like saying adios to a girlfriend before she dumps me...

Now a real debate: some participants are missing a lot of classes for the interviews. Some even had to drop electives. I know they are looking for the job of their lives, and that equally they took some electives very seriously. Similarly, for Finance jobs in P2, some participants had to skip classes. In Harvard, they solved the problem by agreeing with firms on campus that they would interview outside class slots. Alternatively, INSEAD could have a free week just for interviews, or a morning-only class schedule...

As Prof. Bartholomé would argue ("If you think I don't know I'm being provocative after 35 years of teaching, then you must take me for an idiot", he replied to someone complaining), it must have been thought about before...



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