Friday, March 30, 2007

The Save Igor Campaign

Since I want to keep my word about promises made during P3 break (more sex and gossips), and because it seems to increase audience numbers, let me talk about school gossips I got from diverse sources.

Gossip 1: Accounting god Igor may leave INSEAD because he does not publish enough.
- Inferred is the fact that INSEAD Professors are graded against their performance (as evaluated by Students), their outside commitments for School, and publications. I think this is more or less true. Now is it right?
- Possible source of gossip is that Igor is not teaching Managerial Accounting for current P2s.
Conclusion: I'm not sure about the veracity of this gossip... If true, it would be a major loss because Igor is great, and his cases were so insightful.

Gossip 2: Antonio Fatas is considering merging the Singapore and Fonty z-curves.
- Inferred is that Singapore people are more Play Hard than Work Hard.
- Implication: exams will need to converge (current situation is, we get different exams according to Profs preferences, in most cases).
- Possible bias is source of gossip, who was a Fonty person...
Conclusion: I'm not sure about this one too. One could argue that Singapore participants care more about networking than grades -even that needs much closer study of hard facts. In that case, there could be a case about merging curves. Anyway Singapore people probably don't care much about this...

Conclusion of conclusions: arf... after taking PIM, I'm trying to decipher underlying concerns in gossips. Maybe the one about Igor, was the fact that maybe D07 Profs are not as funny as J07? (That's my gossip). Maybe, the one about z-Curve is from someone very close to making the Dean's List...
In any case, gossips should be taken very carefully indeed.

Programme of the week-end: House dinner tonight, House dinner tomorrow night, Italian Week DolceVita party tomorrow night/morning, and PIM Report on Sunday.

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