Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Shoot the moon...

You'll hit the tree.
Shoot the tree, you'll hit the ground.

There's a saying from somewhere that goes vaguely like that.

Just finished skyping with an applicant about his essays. Deadline is 23.59 tonight.
God he shoots the moon! I like that.

Just finished to read the Barcenas case for PIM tomorrow. About a couple deciding to move abroad for the man's career, and the wife sort of being left out. It sure will ring a bell to many INSEADs and partners. Now don't think I only have one elective, PIM, this period. I guess the introspection is much greater.

On the job front, people are starting to fly all over the place for interviews. HongKong, London, inside France, Switzerland...
In a bar tonight, I came across a Prof I liked very much in P1. I took a picture with him. Smells like the beginning of the end...

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