Friday, March 23, 2007

The REP Class

Realising Entrepreneurship Potential is an interesting class. It consists of finding a company to takeover, and doing deal financing, deal negotiation, and coming short of the actual purchase. There's a lot of urban legend around the course. This past group found a gem, that past group went it all the way, etc. We're finding it hard to come clean on our team representation to potential brokers and sellers, and be attractive at the same time.
Anyway, we'll see. I'll try not to be too excited on that one -the entrepreneur heat syndrome, as Prof. Tim calls it.
The class has really good guest speakers. Lots of alumni, some failing badly, some succeeding in awe-inspiring stories. Like the one about he who stuggled for years, until he decided to work for free for another INSEAD alumn who was excelling in company turnarounds. Less than 10 years after his graduation, the guy in question has mounted a group of €500 M of sales and 30M in profits. Wow. I'll stop here lest I may catch the heat syndrome (again...)

We had an interesting experiment in Negotiations 2. It was about free-riding. Suppose a class of 30 can collect 150 euros. If it succeeds, the Prof. gives back 300 euros. It should be a straightforward win-win situation: each gives 5, each receives 10. No brainer.
Now I just can't believe we only collected 115 euros, and that in 8 years, the Prof. has only had 2 successful cases. 20% of the class was free-riding on the others...

Of all people's shortcomings, this is the one that irritates me most. Because there's little you can do about. It's the scorpion crossing the river on the frog's back story, and killing it in the middle of the river.

Better thoughts: it's Friday; nice week-end to everyone! As a bonus, a log-off from Singapore Administration. My hint: the culprit might not be French (one French word, one spelling mistake).

"Cher Students

It has come to the Singapore administration’s attention that the recent mass emigration of P4s to Fontainebleau has severely skewed the male to female ratio in Singapore. Keeping in the spirit of “One School Two Campuses”, the tender part of the MBA administration in Singapore is willing to go beyond the call of duty and alleviate the shortcomings of the Singapore INSEAD experience by offering our services for the benefit of the future of humankind. Henceforth, all you Singapore hunks, please keep a lookout for us pretty little MBA staffers and share your love with us, as we will with you in return …..

Just remember, whenever you feel you can’t, we can can …..

Lah lah dahlings,
Luscious Lxxxx
President of the One Campus, One Love Campaign®

PS – please reply to me or Exxxx if you would like to be part of the speed dating extravaganza this Saturday at Dover Food Court (Fried Noodle stand)"

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