Thursday, March 22, 2007

Of Houses, Mood and Funny Quotes...

Here are the pics from the Tavers Party. Tomorrow is the Villercerf White Party. Next week is the Italian Week Party.
Houses compete on parties, which is good for all of us. House/Chateau life is an instition at Fonty, but there is some minimum fit to enjoy the full experience. Houses like to position themselves as "The Beautiful People", "The Coolest People", there's definitely an element of clique in the most traditional Houses. But competition is good, even in this case. Montmelian tops the party list so far...
There are unwritten rules though. Like, the calendar is large enough to accomodate all House Parties. Like, National Week Parties have priority, because they demand so much work, involve sponsors, and are "official" tradition of the School.
Anyway, lots of parties are much welcome to relieve my fellow participants. Most of them are under big stress, tension, to apply, or decide. Some of them are a bit desillusioned to find out that it's more competitive than ever at the top.
There's one thing we should all be careful of, it's getting advice across the board, hoping that it'll help your decision. After a PIM class exercise, we found out that 70% of advice were wrong, not because people don't care, but because they did not do their homework and could not empathise enough.
I find Prof. Bartholomé bully style quite amusing. Yesterday, he commented on our papers on Risks of Empathy and Adaptation to Foreign culture: "A lot of it was BS. Please cut the crap, even if you only end up writing 3 lines. Stop having fantasies too.", or "Ok. Very profound, thank you. Next?". Must be masochistic...
Quote of the day belongs to NBV course, on the benefits of equity sharing in start-ups. "Equity is like shit. If you pile it up, it stinks. If you spread it around, a lot of good things can grow."

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