Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Spring is in the air...

Persistence is key. Especially in REP and NBV real cases study. And INSEAD grads are persistant...
In NBV, one girl failed, then bounced back superbly. So I was told -because I skipped the class, and despite Steve's grandiloquence tendency, I buy it.
Especially after having seen Adam's cases in REP. This guy is awesome, so positive. We started REP with his first company turnaround at age 25 or so. He lost his shirt in it, as he made the crucial mistake of giving banks personal guarantees. Adam explained in the video his lessons learned -I documented it in a previous post.
Now Adam was on campus today, explaining how he was so close from success -having succesfully turned around a great company - but because he created a holding with another money losing machine, he lost the lot... Lesson of the day: don't create a group of your companies, if one is very fragile.
Talk about persistence.
And he still kept his British calmness, smile, positive attitude...
Now I'm wondering: either we have Adam the Return part 2 coming soon -which tells a great and deserved succes at last- or Spring spreads smiles and good mood to everyone...
This week is also mini Italian Week, already a huge success with one of the best Tshirt so far, and a sold-out Italian Dinner. So Italian indeed: excellent style, and some organisation frustrations.

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