Friday, April 06, 2007

Ding time...

It's interesting to see how people react to dings, especially the first one.

Unfortunately, some big guns are interviewing now, so that leaves very little time for practice. A couple of people really into Consulting were dejected to be out of the game for BCG... And McKinsey is already next Monday...

Industry is a bit tough as well, because firms are not as "interchangeable" as in Consulting.

What kinds of reaction have I seen (not representative):
- Feeling that you didn't prepare enough case cracking, so shutting yourself from the world
- Feeling not so down, sort of taking it as a proof it was not for you
- Feeling not so down, "less" options is easier to manage
- Feeling bad about yourself and your confidence
- Feeling bad about School for not "making it easier"
- Feeling bad about the Company, it not being that cool after all...

To me, it's difficult to blame anyone. Especially not the School. I don't think graduating from HBS or LBS would give any more advantage, or the Company would be pretty stupid to limit itself this drastically to potentials. Not the Company too. I'm a firm believer of some kind of corporate culture, so students' skills may not be at stakes. And it's better to be turned down now that feeling awkward inside the company...

Well, let's see the positive side of it. This week-end is the week-end of dings: it's Easter time. As you all know, this is a remembrance of life renewal, and hope. Happy Easter to everyone.



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