Thursday, April 05, 2007

Mass Therapy 5

Ok yesterday was the last session of PIM. As usual it was pretty emotional. I mean, the guy is so good. First, he puts you in the mood, with this: Four Last Songs by Richard Strauss feat. Jessie Norman. Then, he talks about expressing love to others. I don't want it to sound either sissy, or cult-like -so if you take it as such, you've missed the point (Fernando would say "F**k you!"). That was amazing: I honestly saw a good dozen of people crying. I'm pretty sure in the coming week, people will reach out their parents, their partners, their families, just to say that they love them, and why they care for them. Especially to their parents.

Now just to prove that I ain't a sissy, I got the Negotiations feedback from my peers.

- Would you like this person to negotiate on your behalf in a one-time negotiation?8.20/10
- Would you like this person to represent you in a negotiation in which long-term relationships are important?5.80
- Do you feel this person diligently prepared for the negotiation?8.60
- Do you feel this person acted in a manner consistent with your ethical business standards?8.20

Basically, I'm a tough ass in Negotiations, and better at claiming value than creating it (supposing that in one-time nego you want to claim as much as possible, whereas in long-term you want to share to trigger reciprocation). Now who said I'm a PIM sissy??

A word on Nego 2 (Negotiations Analysis). It's rather fun, a bit different from Nego 1 in the sense that you fight for the outcome, vs. you develop relationships. The z-curve grading on that is lethal. Ayse Onculer is pretty cool too. The best item on my grading is the 8.20 on ethical business standards. It's ok to claim as much as possible. It's not ok to be ready for a killing. By that, I mean that reputation is key, inside INSEAD. People don't fully realise that, but we're building now on a reputation that will follow us in the alumni network. Now if you lied, or screwed the other using very questionable tactics, you'll have that image for a long time. Same for group work behaviours. Compare being diligent and cooperative, efficient and bright, to free-riding. I'm a free-rider spotter. These people don't realise you can't fool all your life. At some point, your reputation catches up, and you're out... To quote Fernando again: selfishness is a sickness.

Last thing for interviews: yesterday was AT Kearney, Cambridge Consulting, Fidelity. I think Booz and Bain are today and tomorrow. McKinsey is next week. Main takeaways: prepare, prepare, and prepare. Be relaxed. Know what you want. And, there's less competition for positions outside of London...

Four Last Songs on Amazon (you can click to listen, and imagine the surreal atmosphere of the class):

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