Friday, October 06, 2006

Week 6 wrap-up: Happy mid-Autumn to all, let's go surfing!

I'll be very quick tonight, as 2 parties are scheduled this Friday: mid-Autumn dinner and Punch-Drunk Love at Villa Vivante.

Some applicant asked me about girls at INSEAD, many friends told me there were not enough pictures. Well, here's killing two birds with one stone.

You see, you applicants, girls are pretty! And nice and intelligent. To be honest, some lack experience. I know that has been an issue with some groups, although I have not met myself sub-standard girls. I found the pics on the shared drive, so don't ask me who's on them...

This section party was held at Villecerf. It's a great opportunity to tell you about INSEAD places.
Villecerf is top on the list. The grounds are magnificent, rooms are huge, furniture is old and of good taste. Villecerf has 2 tennis courts and entertain 20+ students. It's not cheap, but certainely worth every penny. So, applicants, if you're accepted, rush to apply for Villecerf. The only drawback is distance: 30 min drive to school.

Other places I have been to: Tavers (really beautiful with extremely good taste decoration, but very, very, very far), Samois (all cute houses), Bois-le-Roi Mint House (beautiful, but people don't mix up too much as they all are independent, with own kitchen), Villa Vivante (nice but noisy), Montigny-sur-Loing (nice village, l'Auberge is a nice place), Bourron-Marlotte (nice house as well). I'll keep an update as I continue to visit places.

I found this nice picture too. It encapsulates a typical INSEAD tradition: the Champagne fine. The Champagne fine applies to the following cases: 5 euro fines for late arrivals, mobile phone rings, computer noises, irrelevant questions, stupid comments.
When enough money is collected (and you'd be surprised at which rate it's accumulated, the Section throws a party with Champagne.




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