Friday, September 29, 2006

Singapore, Philly, and another exam next week

This week, Dean Antonio Fatas introduced us to the campus exchange programme.
It is quite early, but decisions will have be taken within 2 weeks already.

As you all know, INSEAD has two campuses -Fonty and Singapore- in which classes are identical, and where students can spend periods with few restrictions. In reality, the School guarantees students to spend at least one period in the other campus. The only problem is, students seem to want to swap campus at the same time -you might call it the INSEAD trashumance. This is how it happens: because Fonty alledgedly is soooo cold during winter, close to 3 sections out of 4 migrate to Singapore during P3, while only 1 section out of 2 does the reverse from Singapore to Fonty. That is, during P3 (January and February), Fonty and Singapore accomodate the same number of people, with 3 sections each. Actually, strictly speaking, Singapore had more people in P3 this year -I believe it had 4 sections to 2 in Fonty, and that School's Admin did a magnificient job in satisfying everyone.
After a quick survey, I found out that this year again, a lot of students will apply for P3 swap. I guess Singapore campus has really entered INSEAD culture -after what is believed to have been a shaky start- and students make the most of the campus for the following reasons: exposure to Asian business and culture, week-end travels to Asia, and lenient weather.

On the other hand, Wharton exchange did not have the same success. Last year, for instance, of the 35 seats up for grab, 20+ only were taken. The exchange is more sought after by December intakes -as their P3/P4 coincide with Recruitment in the US. Another reason why the outflow to Wharton is not so great has to do with limited courses availability (semi credit courses due to Wharton's 4 months credits), competing with INSEAD's electives which are more intense and more diverse.

First deadline is next week: Wharton application. I'll decide as well whether going to Singapore in P3 or not.

Next week we also have our second Microeconomics quiz. This course is getting more and more interesting, mainly because Professor Van Zandt shines. It is still last in my P1 priorities, but as is becoming more visible in terms of business application, and taught in a superb manner, it is among my favorite classes. I expect a not stellar grade though.

Week-end's programme: INSEAD fellow's birthday party in Paris, and revisions for quiz. I'll miss the Sex and Rock'n'Roll party :-(

Yesterday, we all went to Fonty's BAKARDI -close to the Chateau. It is head and shoulders above other Fonty bars. Lively, and crowded. Just don't take the mojito...

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At 11:29 AM , Anonymous Crazy said...

Nice to read another blog about INSEAD. I am currently waiting for the decision (Jan 2007 start).
Seems like a cool place really! ;) keep up the good work!

At 12:17 AM , Blogger DomoDomo@INSEAD said...

INSEAD is such a great experience, and I'm being very objective. I'll write a post on the limitations of the School and how people can make the most of it. It's not perfect, but very close to!
Good luck on your admission.


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