Saturday, May 12, 2007

Is INSEAD an Intellectual Capital factory for the UK?

Well, someone even said a "Slave Factory" to London... Facts are, 40% of the intake will go to London, or so. Lured by big money, INSEAD network, and a cool city, in a way a smooth de-INSEAD transition.

Many friends are getting their offers now. It's cool. The big disappointment was Google London, which dinged all 25 INSEADs, apparently pretty unceremoniously.

As British Week is coming to an end, I can't help to emphasize the quality of the British intake at INSEAD. I might have said that already, but they, on average start with a 0.5 point advantage on the Z-Curve. You can explain it whichever way you want, the bottom line is, they are damn good. My explanation (on top of Oxbridge contentration, language ease, tradition of finance etc.) is simple: their delightful accent. They can say the stupidest BS, I will find it cool. They are just charming. Take girls. People would be barbarians to even want to harm in the slightest manner these cute little things with such exquisite manners... I'm under a spell...

Every thing has a dark side. That was unleashed in the Naughty Schoolgirls and Schoolboys party, closing the amazing British Week. Dean Fatas might not like the pictures...

Of interest too, behind the big London double-decker is the tent where our Graduation will take place. Have a look at Hallonman's logoff to have a rough idea of our thoughts on it.

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At 10:22 PM , Blogger DTLF said...

Not only do I need to buy full black-tie formal wear, and a closet full of costumes, now I need "school" clothes too. Thanks for the heads up, DomoDomo.

I've got you linked on my blog. Could you reciprocate?


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