Friday, April 13, 2007

Wicked game

Iberian Week 2007 must be either desperate for funds or very high on self deprecating humour. The concept of Tomatina is interesting: it's a Spanish festival in which people throw tomatoes to one another to recall some battle. Of course, it's all about release.
Now there are two assumptions: it's all against all OR it's you against someone you would want to release your energy on... Now, although I would like to participate in the game, I really can't picture myself throwing tomatoes on one of these guys. I have worked with some, lived with others, got drunk with most... This is a bunch of crazy funny cool people; it would be too tough to do it. Now, I understand there are some other Iberians fellows may want to throw tomatoes to, but there are not in the Student body ;-)

Anyway, some stress release will be more than welcome for most of us.

On the Tomatina tradition:



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