Thursday, April 12, 2007

Wild, weird P4

P4 is strange. I'm not quite in the hectic job search, so have the luxury of observing my fellows. As said before, a lot of them are really stressed. It's getting slightly better, past the first dings, partly because a lot of INSEADs have never been accustomed to being rejected and are now accepting the fact that although competition is fierce, they are amongst the 1% top... It sort of soothes the pain of dings.

Also, some people are getting jobs. It's really cool to see them getting THE acceptance phone call. I like it. I must say though, that despite the importance of job search and professional calls, people should not lose the elementary etiquette in class. Today for instance, someone got phone calls presumably by a company offering her the job. Fine to me, she was radiating. Still, her taking calls in class 3 times bothers me. Just because class is class, and the Prof. and people like me care about a good learning experience.

Anyway... I can't wait for next week Iberian Week to get wild after a very serious week: interview with McKinsey (don't worry guys, I'm JUST experiencing it to report the experience, and because it will be useful to know how to interview candidates) -with little preparation, because I'm working hard on other projects. Notably a REP interview, and an NBV interview. The good old entrepreneurship shot...
A little log-off before leaving. It's not of the best of tastes, but people should be versatile...
"Tonio, my brother,

I have a special request for you.

Most of the P4 are quite excited these days, job search seems quite hot for these guys and I keep on hearing "ding", "dinged" from most of them while a few month ago, the only things that mattered to them were:
Booze, Champagne, Chateau, Hangover and for some guys the famous "OT" Vincent referred to in his previous email about body language requirements.

I've been told where the dings come from... What a shame the bell was removed from the garden. It was such a great way to celebrate INSEAD successes!!
On the other hand, the bell was so 90s.

Dude, I've got a proposal to bring INSEAD prestige back in the 21st century:
Let's have a cow in the garden, so that any eliminated candidate would pull the tail of the Cow so that we could a nice:


Tony, Frank, all INSEAD camarades, Let me introduce you to the INSEAD MOOO:

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