Monday, April 16, 2007

The Dog that doesn't bark

I'm following lost of classes for fun this period. And also to report them to you...
Among the under-rated courses is Strategic Cost Management. This is a follow-up to Igor the Great in P2 Managerial Accounting. It is taught by Prof. Deigan Morris, and this guy is a little treasure. Granted, the first class was an absolute bore, worringly so. But now, all classes are incredibly good. There is one reason for that: Deigan is the best Case study solver at INSEAD. I've had tons of cases so far. None was as minutely solved as Deigan's. He admits being a follower of Sherlock Holmes, and tackles his cases accordingly. It's not just about exhibits, every single phrase, every single Executive's quote is analysed and dissected and interpreted. Frighteningly good... And it's not just the obvious, it's also the understated, the Dog that does not bark...

If you package that in some British humour, and delivery, you get the best mini-elective of this period...

Example of British understatement: "I understand you did not ask this question because you would not know what you are talking about..."

Also today, we had a panel of INSEAD alumns just fresh from their entrepreneurship experiences. They definitely were not as awe-inspiring as Andy, but it was ok. I liked the fact that they understood that chances were lower after INSEAD that anytime else to try entrepreneurship. I disliked the fact that one of them was a bit arrogant against Corporate world: I love entrepreneurship, because it matches my values, but the rest is not "BS" -far from it. I value my corporate experience a lot too.
It is still very refreshing to see grads making it to entrepreneurship. Some know they will fail (as one classmate confided "I love the idea, but there are holes in the business model"), but hey, better regrets that remorse...

Tomorrow is McKinsey interviews in a Chateau, for all offices but Paris... No wonder no INSEADs were present on campus for the Iberian Wine tasting event. Good luck everyone.

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