Sunday, April 15, 2007

BBQ Season has officially started!

We're having glorious sunny days right now. It's Summer 3 months ahead... As someone said, thank you global warming. On Sunday, I know of at least 3 BBQs scheduled at 1, 3 and 7PM. I was not invited at all of them :-( but on the other hand, I needed to work a little bit.
Typical conversations during BBQs: How was Singapore? (yeah, still some catching up to do with some people), or How do you find Fonty? (for Singapore people), How's the job search going on?, Who are you interviewing with next week?... Occasionally: Do you remember that we have this group work to do?
I like P4 with this sort of weather... To some extent, people are unconsiously realising that the year is ending, and that it's time to build ties for the future. P4 projects help that a lot in that regard. In NBV for instance, a lot of ideas are being exchanged, or experiences, or views on which business models worked in which countries. That's the beauty of INSEAD, when someone says: I like/dislike your model, I've seen something similar in Country X or Y, you should have a look at it...

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